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What We Do

We make instant, all-natural, and long-lasting mug cakes


Our products are made with naturally-sourced ingredients without unnecessary preservatives and artificial ingredients.


Our products are made with dehydrated ingredients, preserving their shelf-life, both dampening its waste and maximizing your money.


Our products are quick and easy to make, utilizing materials that save you and your business time and energy.

About Us

Move over Ramen, MuggedCake is here to change the instant food pantry

MuggedCake produces all-natural, long-lasting, and instant mug cakes. Using pouches holding dry mixes for baked goods, we can turn the instant food industry on its head. By providing dehydrated, pre-portioned self-contained pouches of the components to make a mug cake, we will revolutionize the instant food market. According to National Geographic, around 1/3 of food is wasted from farm to table. Through this solution, businesses and consumers can enjoy our products increased shelf lives, fast paced production process through rehydration and microwaving, lack of waste due to minimization of expiration and packaging use, and allergen friendly properties to suit various dietary needs.

This is the world of ease and convenience MuggedCake offers you.

Our Team

Daniel Brassloff

Serial entrepreneur, social impact, leadership, and multimedia experience

Rumeer Keshwani

Finance / Accounting, business analytics, leadership, and teamwork

What We Are Working On


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